New Practical E-book for Small Business Owners

How Mobile Marketing Pushes

Small Businesses to Prosperity

Mobile phones are everywhere. There are 5.3 billion mobile phone users on internet. How can small business entrepreneurs take advantage of this mobile craziness? That’s what the e-book is all about: mobile marketing, mobile marketing tools, mobile websites.

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This e-book is not Encyclopedia Britannica, but it gives a pretty good idea how to use mobile phones and mobile marketing to grow your business.

You will find out about:

About Mobile Devices – Very Briefly
How Technological Apathy Kills Businesses
What Is Mobile Marketing?
The Main Points of Mobile Industry
Why Consider Mobile Marketing
Can You Measure Failure or Success in Mobile Advertising?
Every Business Needs Access to 5.3 billion Mobile Web Surfers
Why Small Business Owners Need a Mobile Friendly Website
Mobile Marketing Tools
Search Engine Optimization Is Almost Dead on Mobile
Internet     (temporarily)
Are YOU Ready for the Mobile Revolution?

There is a surprise at the very end of the e-book.  You can get it now right here if you want to reach people on the go that make buying decisions fast.