What Makes a Good Website People Want to Read

  • Captivating content. If it’s not interesting to read nobody will stay long.
  • Credibility. Address and even a phone should be displayed
  • A good website has to load quickly. If it does not, people leave fast. I am against having many images unless it’s a huge e-commerce or retail website. Images slow down website loading if not handled properly.
  • An image needs a label with explanation what the image represents. Images without labels can be harmful to websites because search engines cannot ‘understand’ what the image is all about.
  • A good website must be easy to navigate. The visitor should be able to find what they want in 3 clicks or less.
  • Host your website on its own server. Social media is great. But it has to refer visitors to your very own website. It is a known fact that a website can be wiped out if not hosted on private servers.
  • Links have to work properly. Broken links kill websites! Search engines cannot follow a broken link. People get stuck when they get into a broken link situation. Broken links are very confusing.



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