What Makes a Good Website People Want to Read

  • Captivating content. If it’s not interesting to read nobody will stay long.
  • Credibility. Address and even a phone should be displayed
  • A good website has to load quickly. If it does not, people leave fast. I am against having many images unless it’s a huge e-commerce or retail website. Images slow down website loading if not handled properly.
  • An image needs a label with explanation what the image represents. Images without labels can be harmful to websites because search engines cannot ‘understand’ what the image is all about.
  • A good website must be easy to navigate. The visitor should be able to find what they want in 3 clicks or less.
  • Host your website on its own server. Social media is great. But it has to refer visitors to your very own website. It is a known fact that a website can be wiped out if not hosted on private servers.
  • Links have to work properly. Broken links kill websites! Search engines cannot follow a broken link. People get stuck when they get into a broken link situation. Broken links are very confusing.



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Dr. Enrique Borrego Speaks Up About Search Engine Optimization Results – 250 new clients

Search Engine Optimization Turns Animal General Hospital into Thriving Pet Clinic

Dr. Enrique Borrego opened his veterinary practice in 1990. Port St. Lucie where the Animal General Hospital is located became one of the fastest-growing communities in Florida. Several animal clinics were opened. Advertising in magazines brought no new clients in 18 months.

Dr. Borrego spent more than $27,000 over 18 months for Yellow Pages ads with no results. He turned to my friend Rich Urban – one of the sharpest SEO experts I know. Rich built marketing campaigns that brought 250 new clients to the clinic. This is the power of local Search Engine Optimization combined with Search Engine Marketing.

Yellow Pages Ads Are Static. Facebook and Google–Those Are Interactive

That’s the opinion of  Dr.Enrique Borrego. To read the complete article go to How Two Small Companies Are Driving Revenue Using Social Media by Erica Napoletano.

Congratulations to Richard for helping a Small Business!

This is my take on the story: if you are stuck in Yellow Pages it’s time to bring new business to your company by getting online FAST.


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Exciting Small Business SEO News

This feature is of interest to all people that run websites. That includes all webmasters, Small Business owners and all internet enthusiasts.

Google introduced Fetch as Googlebot feature in Webmaster Tools. Have a new blog post or page? Go to your webmaster tools and send the link straight to Google for indexing. You need to use ‘Fetch as Googlebot’ feature in Diagnostics of your webmaster tools. This works very fast! This new option will do wonders for your website search engine optimization results. It will make a big difference in bringing your business news to the world.

I hope Bing catches up soon.


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NJ Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Good For All Small Business Website Owners

NJ Search Engine Optimization Tutorial –

How To SEO a Website

I actively participate in Merchant Circle and Small Business owners invite me to connect. I always look at the websites of the people that invite me. This article was inspired by a website of one of the Small Business owners that invited me to connect on Merchant Circle. I will keep the website name to myself to preserve the privacy of the website owner. I will talk about things that need improvement to make the website friendlier to search engines. A couple of words about Merchant Circle: it’s a place where Small Business people list their businesses, meet other businessmen, connect and exchange ideas about improving their business and website. It’s a place where a Small Business Owner can learn a lot of things because Merchant Circle conducts seminars. I encourage every business owner that reads this article to join Merchant Circle and connect with me. The link will bring you there.

The website that I visited is only a couple of months old. It has 6 pages. In order to be noticed by the search engines the website needs to contain at least 10 pages. It’s not a requirement, it’s just a fact: the more information you have, more people will know you and your business. Even 10 pages is just the beginning of the search engines recognition. It’s not too much. The best advice is to hire a qualified search engine optimization consultant to optimize and promote the website.

But how a Small Business owner knows who is a good seo consultant and who is a so-so seo consultant? That’s not an easy question to answer. I decided to put myself in the shoes of that website owner and try to give the best advice I can give about how to SEO a website based on the things I saw on that website.

NJ Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Keywords Usage

I asked Google to tell me what keywords were significant for that website. You can do it by going to Google keyword tool and pasting website link in the keyword tool. Google will scan the website and give you the list of keywords found on the website. Google found about 20 generic keywords pertaining to the entire industry. No long tail keywords were found on the website. The keywords residing currently on the website will not bring any significant traffic because the website does not rank high for those keywords. They are generic and the competition for those keywords is fierce. The website owner needs to place long tail keywords that will bring traffic. He needs to write articles that contain long tail keywords and place them on the website.

A lot of people find it very difficult to write even about the things they know perfectly. These people need to hire a writer to do it for them.

About keyword density – there are many opinions. I find the most comfortable level of keyword density to be up to 3%. That means there should be about 3 keywords or keyword phrases (long tail keywords) per every 100 words on the page.

NJ Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Using Images and Videos On a Website

Every image needs to be accompanied by description containing words. A picture is worth a thousand words to human beings, not to the search engines.  In WordPress it is accomplished by writing a special HTML tag called ‘alt tag’. It’s an HTML tag that provides alternative text for non-textual elements, such as images. We use  one of the best, most popular and useful WordPress themes – Thesis Theme. BTW, if you buy Thesis theme on this website, we will install it on your server FREE OF CHARGE. Click the link to purchase Thesis theme Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support Community

NJ Search Engine Optimization Tutorial – Do You Still Have Cold Feet About Business Blogging?

Writing a keyword reach blog post about your business or services is very helpful for Small Business owners. Blogging is a sure way to attract website visitors and search engines to your website. Still not sure you can do it? Go get some PROBLOGGER wisdom. Darren Rowse will definitely inspire you.

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